Business description: 5sets is an ecommerce selling equipment and material for paddle tennis and tennis players. They already have a physical shop, and decided to empower the online business.

Challenge: When we got the project, there was already an online shop, but an old and very simple one that could not match the clients’ needs. Moreover, 5sets did not have any presence in Google’s first page for any of its products, and they were not doing any advertising.

Project: We moved in two different phases:

  • New ecommerce: we designed a complete brand new responsive platform that could allow the client to manage it easily. We did the SEO on page in line with the global strategy of the project: to bring certain strategic concepts to the first positions in Google. We designed landing pages accordingly, a home page with the main categories, latest offers, highlighted products, new products and blog.
  • SEO/SEM: at a SEO level, once the platform was ready, we started working on bringing the defined concepts to Google’s top page. We are working in 5 different wide concepts that will bring more than 45 words on the top positions. Regarding SEM, we started with Search and Shopping campaigns, and now we have a grown traffic list which will allow us to start launching remarketing campaigns.

Results: The project is very recent, and there’s still a lot of work to do, but in terms of SEO there is already one word in the top 10, and twenty words in top 30. Regarding SEM, sales have increased a 45% compared to last month, and ads keep positioning at a lower price, which allows to bring more traffic to the site to keep increasing sales.