Business description: Farmaconfianza is an online pharmacy whose origins started with a physical pharmacy that wanted to jump to the online world. They sell all kind of products: beauty, nutrition, hygiene, natural supplements, etc.

Challenge: Farmaconfianza had to start their online project from scratch, so they asked us to build the whole strategy. This meant to create brand awareness and, most important, sales, from scratch. We didn’t have to just sell products online, but we needed to create an excellent customer experience, and be in the top positions in Google for the products the client wanted to sell.


  • SEM: We wanted to start selling the pharmacy’s products, but not at any cost. So we designed an Adwords campaign targeting the different main products, and we kept adjusting it until we got the best balance between conversions and cost per click.
  • SEO: we worked on the top brands that the client needed to sell most, and we got them in the first positions in Google. Nowadays, we keep positioning new keywords that are strategic to increase online sales for Farmaconfianza.

Results: At a SEM level, we needed to find a niche product which was not in the top sales among competitors, and we found it: a supplement with collagen that got very popular among athletes and runners. We started pushing on it, and it worked so well that Farmaconfianza became the worldwide top seller for this product. At a SEO level, we made the traffic grow a 7000% in the first year, and a 100% in the second. Farmaconfianza is now in top Google positions by leading brands such as XLS medical, Colnatur, Lierac, Caudalie, Omega 5, Vigormax, and Epaplus.