Fundación Step by Step – Proyecto LEMON

Business description: The Step by Step Foundation offers the spinal injured a physiotherapy proposal based on a personalized quality treatment, which enables the follow-up of an efficient rehabilitation process that has a great impact on improving their quality of life.

Challenge: The Foundation came up with an idea: creating an interdisciplinar online platform to help spinal injured access scientific, helpful information about their condition. This platform also should have an interaction area where the injured can talk to each other, as well as the families that surround them, and doctors. Finally, there should also be a way to connect spinal cord injured with doctors, and that should be available through video-conference and chat tools. This project has been named as LEMON Project.


  • Platform: under current development, the platform is going to help spinal cord injured to communicate each other, to access scientific information regarding the injury, and to connect with doctors through chat and/or video-conference.
  • European Union Funding: After the initial launch the platform, since the aim of the project is to reach all the spinal cord injured in the world, we are talking already with funding experts to get funding from the European Union. The funding would help us move to the next phases of the project, which imply Artificial Intelligence software and digital marketing actions.
  • Digital Marketing Strategy: In parallel, we are designing the actions that must be taken once the platform is live: how do we reach the spinal cord injured from Spain first, and from the rest of the world later.

Results: The platform is going to be launched in May 2018, and expects to reunite all those people that share a common situation: having spinal cord injury, or being family members of someone with this kind of condition.