Business description: Granier is number 1 Spanish company that franchises bakeries both in Spain and around Europe. Countries include Spain, UK, Portugal, Italy and the US. They elaborate more than 60 types of bread following the traditional methods and using the best ingredients.

Challenge: Granier wanted to reach the two kinds of costumers they have: the franchise holders, and the final client who’s going to buy the products. These are two very different audiences! With franchise holders, they wanted to properly communicate about new products, procedures, how to properly manage the shops, etc; with final clients, they wanted to make sure they knew about all what Granier could offer them.

Project: We moved in two different areas:

  • Intranet tool: it was going to be the platform that would communicate the company with franchise holders. This way, phone calls and emails asking for the same issues would be widely reduced by posting the information properly in the intranet.
  • Social Media Strategy: it needs proper organization and structure to manage not only a consolidated community in Spain, but also what is being shared in the rest of the European countries where the brand has presence. That’s why we developed a global social media strategy, to align on one hand the global branding communications among the different countries, and on the other hand to allow each country to have its own independence without losing the brand’s style guide.

Results: We developed a tailor-made intranet that nowadays is helping to internally organize operations, sales and marketing materials for each shop. All new products are being communicated there first, and online training on how to prepare the different kind of breads in each stage is also provided. Regarding Social Media, we achieved the goal of making Granier become the first online community in the bakery sector in Spain, with a community of more than 100.000 followers.