Pudding Barcelona

Business description: Pudding Barcelona is a chain of coffee shops oriented to empower kids to develop their skills using their brain, heart and creativity. Pudding’s motto is: Eat, Play and Think.

Challenge: Pudding wanted a website, offline materials and a social media strategy to gain awareness and attract people to their coffee shops. They were asking for a website that could match online what people was feeling offline, every time they entered one of their coffee shops: the wow effect. Pudding decoration could be defined as a mix of Alice in Wonderland’s scenarios and a Circus.


  • Website: The website had to reflect the same way the coffee shops do. That’s why we designed a tailor-made platform that could really call the attention to all the people that were connecting to it. We illustrated the three cartoons for each of the concepts: The bear for Eat, the fox for Play, and the owl for Think, creating a different Word for each one inside the website.
  • Offline materials: After that, we designed the rest of the offline materials (menus, posters, signs, banners) to match the brand’s line. We wanted to extend people’s experience in the coffee shops even when they were looking at the menu.
  • Social Media: The third phase was to create a social media strategy that they could implement themselves. We studied competition, defined Pudding’s social media tone, KPI’s, created a calendar of publications and trained the Communications team to manage the daily social media posts.

Results: The website is an extension of the coffee shops, it is just that you cannot eat all that magnificent food! It breathes the same environment as Pudding, and at the same time has all the services you are going to find in each store. From Facebook, customer service is properly managed, as well as reservations and party organization; Instagram provides the photos and videos of what is going on all the time, with new cakes, new customers, parties, gatherings, etc, and brings more customers to the coffee shops; and Twitter brings the immediate moment and allows Pudding to react instantly.