Business description: Wonderware is an industrial software company, subsidiary of Schneider Electric, dedicated to providing technological solutions to all kind of companies. It is considered one of the fastest growing software companies within the United States.

Challenge: to communicate, share best practices and different kind of materials between the different European headquarters, the responsible of Business Development for Europe contacted us to develop this tool. He had a very clear idea and wanted to make it happen, since that was going to help the different countries work better in terms of knowledge exchange.

Project:Design and programming an intranet developed in Joomla platform, where users can access into 6 different specific sectors and from there they can access as many other related subdivisions. It is a repository of information, where users can also upload their best practices from their own countries. There is also an analytics system where administrators can see number of visits, where do they browse, what content do they access and what do they download, among others.

Results:Countries know now what is happening in the different European areas in terms of sales, business development, marketing, etc. They can learn new methodologies and strategies with all the documents uploaded, and they can ask to the different countries when they have doubts or questions. The tool has allowed to make possible a fluid communication within the different European countries.